We begin our celebration by honoring our teachers and educators:
This issue is dedicated to all the teachers and educators of Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board. Laval Families Magazine strongly believes that all teachers, principals, and educators play an important role in the community and our children’s lives.

We believe that adults working as a collaborative support system can influence, train, and empower our children. Mobilizing youth, teachers, and adults is part of the process of leadership and community transformation. Strong leadership and educational experiences enable to create positive change. When children feel empowered, they can realize their potential.
This is why Laval Families Magazine organized a Teacher Appreciation Contest, to encourage and thank our educators who are building the future of our community.

Celebrate by showing appreciation to your teachers: Teachers Appreciation week is from Februray 1 to Feburary 7, 2015. Participate and vote for your favorite teacher in the Teachers Contest.

Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board Elections:
Congratulations to Jennifer Maccarone, the new Chairperson of SWLSB, and to all the elected commissioners who are committed to 21st Century Education: Peter MacLaurin, Robert Dixon, Anne McMullan, Dean Dugas, Emilio Migliozzi, Vicky Kaliotzakis, Ailsa Pehi, Paolo Galati.

The Golden Touch – Operetta
*Part of the Laval’s 50th Anniversary Celebration
Over 200 students from the SWLSB will be performing in the International Operetta: The Golden Touch
Press conference will take place on February 19, 2015 at Le Centre Embassy Plaza.

We’re delighted to announce the Young Authors Contest 2014‒2015
In a record-breaking event with over 1,200 young authors registered to participate.
Don’t miss a fun family day filled with activities, games, awards, resources and workshop expos.
This event will be held at Le Centre Embassy Plaza on March 29, 2015.

Laval’s 50th Anniversary Celebrations:
All Laval residents are invited to attend the launch of the 50th anniversary celebrations of the city of Laval!
Live entertainment in a festive atmosphere outdoors awaits you and your whole family.
For activity details go to our Laval Families Fun Activities section in every issue of LFM or visit our website or visit www.50ans.laval.ca

Contest Page:
Register for our unique and fun contests that include:

  • Land Rover Laval Off-Road Experience
  • Clip-n-Climb
  • Passion Soccer Boutique
  • Cosmodome
  • Aerosim Experience
  • Tennis 13
  • iSAUTE and much more! See page 36 for details
Come and celebrate with us a year of celebrations!
Luigi Morabito