Located near Montmorency metro station, Collège Letendre is organizing for the first time ever, an all English summer camp for the summer of 2015. English and French speakers alike are invited to enroll their children into their new program. Annually, the camp takes in between 300 and 400 campers per week.

Collège Letendre has been offering summer camps since 2003, but until now, none have been in English. Yan D’Amours is the director of all summer camps and says he decided to create the English Experience Summer Camp in light of increased demand from parents. He says the English Experience camp serves two functions; first, to teach English to francophones and second, to offer English speakers a day camp that functions entirely in English. He says the complete English immersion will offer a perfect learning environment for French speakers, in hopes of students being bilingual by the time they leave camp.

This provides every camper with a good opportunity to learn about different cultures and make friends with one another. English will not be taught in a school-like environment, instead, it will be the sole language of communication; therefore, French speakers will learn through complete immersion.

D’Amours says this camp offers a better experience compared to other camps in Laval because the monitors are bilingual and there is a high monitor-to-camper ratio. For the younger children, this ratio is 1:8, while for the older ones the ratio is 1:14. Additional monitors are even brought along on field trips for extra supervision. “The monitors are well-trained and are all at least 20 years old,” says D’Amours. “They all have between two and five years of previous monitoring experience and they are what give our camp value.”

The English Experience Summer Camp lasts seven weeks, starting at the end of June until mid-August, and this includes a weekly field trip on Wednesdays and a complimentary lunch every Friday. D’Amours says field trips may include, as examples, SkyVenture, a visit to the IMAX and the Science Centre in Old Montreal, Cosmodôme among others. Each week there will be a different field trip and a different meal on Friday.

Throughout the rest of the week, campers get the opportunity to participate in a variety of different activities, such as sports, drama, science, arts and crafts, cooking, and even playing vintage video games on consoles such as the Nintendo 64.

D’Amours says the camp serves children aged 7-14. The activities begin at 9:00 A.M. and end at 4:00 P.M., but daycare is offered for two hours before the activities begin and two hours after they end, so from 7:00-9:00 A.M. and from 4:00-6:00 P.M. One week costs $225 and covers the field trip, lunch on Friday and the daycare services. There are many discounts available to families; some of these include sibling discounts, early registration, and even discounts for returning for several weeks.

D’Amours emphasizes that Laval is a unique multicultural city so people from all cultures are invited to participate in the English Experience Summer Camp. He added that the camp gives children the perfect opportunity to learn and get to know children from different cultural backgrounds.

For more information: 450-688-2418