The Read n’ Write Camp in Laval is an exceptional and exclusive English language arts program with an integration of the French language, arts and physical education.

Our mission is to establish a stress-free learning environment for all students of ages 6-12. Children learn to work and socialize with old and new friends, which build their self-confidence. We create a positive environment so that the children develop a positive attitude toward reading and writing. Our goal is to help them realize that reading and writing can be fun.

Because many students fall behind during the summer, this camp helps students to maintain their academic skills. This includes a well-balanced program in reading and writing, socializing, arts, building, and physical exercise. It helps them to get prepared for their new school year as well as to keep their brain stimulated.

As part of the camp program, in the morning, children listen to stories, read, write and participate in exciting, literacy-related activities planned by the teacher. Example: arts & crafts, bake, cook, and theatre. The teachers enjoy having small groups because it allows them to provide students with their undivided attention and address any problems that may arise. Student interaction and active participation is always encouraged. The afternoon is dedicated to leisure activities outdoors, where children get to move about and participate in organized activities.

Option A

Workshop Camp Layout
(9:00 am―noon)
Three week program

Week 1: The students are visited by a guest entertainer (storyteller, magician, or scientist)
Week 2: The students enjoy a field trip
Week 3: Parents and friends are invited to an author’s tea celebration

  • Read and Listen to stories for comprehension skills, respond to text through a variety of activities such as art, drama, music and cooking
  • Interact in group activities through writing, listening and speaking
  • Participate in writing workshops and create texts inspired by their daily experiences
  • Socialize and Share stories, ideas, and opinions
  • Create narrative, expressive and informative texts
  • Improve English language and French skills
  • Learn English as a second language
Option B

(9:00 AM―4:00 PM)
  • Includes workshop camp layout of Option A
  • FREE PIZZA every Friday!
  • FREE daycare hours (7:00 AM―6:00 PM)
  • Exercise through sports, participate in theater plays and Messenger & Scribe games
All staff members are specialized coaches and teachers are certified from the MELS.
For children who love to write, read and have fun!
INCLUDING daycare services!