The workshops will cover the food history of Jesus Island from the 17th century to today. You will taste sweet and savory products, as well as drinks.

Food history of the island: Cultures and more frequent or unusual productions that the island has known.
The decisions that have an impact on the agricultural use of the island.

How to increase the contribution of local products in your diet
The benefits of eating local
Tasting: How our 5 senses work the pleasure of eating
Tips to improve its ability to identify the aromas and flavors
Tasting August to October savory and sweet products (Ex .: cheese, caramel, sausage, coffee, cider, etc.)

Workshop registration is mandatory.
You must contact the organizers at 450-933-6090 or at

March 17 2015 6pm

Gourmet Space
437 St. Martin West
H7M 1Y8